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Research on the effect of salidroside on improving the metabolic pathway changes caused by oxidative stress injury in amateur marathon runners

JIA Yi1,LIU Xiang-yu1,TIAN Jun-sheng2,XIANG Huan1,QIN Xue-mei2,CHEN An-ping1,HAN Yu-mei1*   

  1. 1Physical Education College of Shanxi University; 2Modern Research Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine of Shanxi University,Taiyuan 030006,China

  • Online:2021-05-28 Published:2021-06-01


In order to explore the effect of salidroside on the oxidative stress damage of amateur marathon runners after a quantitative load,the urine and blood of 8 subjects were collected at rest and after a quantitative load before and after taking salidroside for one month.The serum antioxidant level and myocardial enzyme activity were determined,and the urine was analyzed by metabonomics.Compared with the quiet state,serum antioxidant capacity of the subjects was unbalanced and myocardial microdamage was detected after quantitative loading.Fifteen potential biomarkers,including valine,were screened out from the urine.When the same load was completed after salidroside supplementation,serum antioxidant enzyme activity was increased,myocardial injury was alleviated,and some biomarkers were significantly adjusted.Thus,salidroside may improve oxidative stress and myocardial damage in marathon amateurs by promoting the metabolism of related amino acids and lipids,increasing the use of fat and saving protein.

Key words: marathon, salidroside, metabolomics, myocardial enzyme system, oxidative stress

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