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Optimization of process conditions for extraction of corn germ polypeptide by response surface methodology

WEI Han-wei1,WANG Cheng-zhong1*,ZHAO Xiao-hong1,REN Zhen-feng2   

  1. 1Qilu University of Technology,Jinan 250353,China;2Shandong Shenzhou Xiangyu Technology Group Co.,Ltd.,Zaozhuang 277400,China

  • Online:2020-06-28 Published:2020-07-21


A highly hydrolyzed serine protease Savinase® 16 L was obtained,which hydrolyzed defatted corn germ buds to obtain a higher concentration of corn germ polypeptide in the corn germ polypeptide hydrolysate.The corn germ polypeptide was prepared by hydrolysis of corn germ buds by complex enzymatic hydrolysis,and the ratio of enzymes was adjusted.Based on the single factor experiment,Design-Expert software was used to design experiments with temperature,pH,enzyme addition and reaction time.Factors,the effect of the concentration of the polypeptide in the enzymatic hydrolysate to explore the optimal process for the extraction of corn germ polypeptide,and found:Savinase® 16 L:flavourzyme = 1∶1,temperature 55 ℃,pH7.3,enzyme addition amount 1.80%,time 190 min,under this condition,the concentration of corn germ polypeptide in the enzymatic hydrolysate was 5.839 mg/mL,and the degree of hydrolysis was 25.62%.Compared with the single enzyme hydrolysis of corn germ buds,the compound enzyme used in this hydrolysis hydrolyzed the polypeptide concentration in the hydrolysate by 26%.After the response surface optimized extraction process,the peptide concentration increased by 13%.

Key words: corn germ polypeptide, extraction, response surface analysis

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