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Preparation of yak skin gelatin/PMVE-MA composite scaffold material by response surface methodology and its characterization

ZHANG Yu-xia1,2,YANG Hong-xia1,RONG Lin1,2,WEI Li-xin1,DU Yu-zhi1*   

  1. 1Qinghai Key Laboratory of Tibetan Medicine Pharmacology and Safety Evaluation,Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Xining 810008,China;2University of Chinese Academic of Sciences,Beijing 100049,China
  • Online:2022-06-01 Published:2022-05-19


In order to determine the best preparation conditions for the yak skin gelatin/PMVE-MA composite scaffold material with a good performance,the effect of different preparation conditions on the hemolysis ratio of scaffold material was investigated to perform the single factor experiment.On the basis of single factor experiment,the multiple quadratic regression equation was established with concentration ratio (yak skin gelatin∶PMVE-MA),stirring temperature and stirring time as three independent variables and hemolysis ratio as the response value.Then the best preparation condition was obtained by response surface optimization analysis.Finally,the combined scaffold material was prepared under the best condition,and the hemolysis ratio and physical properties such as the microstructure,swelling ratio,and degradation ratio were characterized.The optimal preparation condition selected by the response surface experiment was:concentration ratio (yak skin gelatin∶ PMVE-MA) 6∶1,stirring temperature 41 ℃,stirring time 3.85 h.The actual hemolysis ratio of scaffold material prepared under the above condition was close to the theoretical value,indicating that the model was reliable and the blood compatibility of stent material was also great.In addition,the characterization results of physical properties showed that the swelling ratio of combined scaffold material was relatively low,and the mechanical property was relatively great,which indicated that the prepared material had a good performance in maintaining its own structure.

Key words: response surface methodology, preparation conditions, scaffold material, properties characterization

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