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  1. 长沙理工大学化学与生物工程学院,长沙 410114
  • 出版日期:2014-01-31 发布日期:2014-12-15

The Preliminary Study on the Soy Protein-based Fat Mimetic

CHENG Yuan-yuan, WANG Jian-hui, LIU Yong-le*, WANG Fa-xiang, LI Xiang-hong, YU Jian, ZHANG Kai-qin   

  1. School of Food and Bioengineering,Changsha University of Science and Technology,Changsha 410114,China
  • Online:2014-01-31 Published:2014-12-15

摘要: 以大豆分离蛋白为原料,对大豆分离蛋白溶液实施加热、高速剪切处理,从而获得与油脂相近的感官特征。在单因素试验基础上,利用二因素中心组合设计原理及响应面法分析建立二次回归模型。以加热温度、蛋白质浓度为考察因子,以大豆分离蛋白溶液粘度及乳化稳定性为响应值,确定大豆分离蛋白基脂肪模拟物的最佳工艺条件。研究结果表明,最佳工艺条件为蛋白质浓度9.10%,加热温度79.6 ℃,加热时间10 min,均质时间40 s,此条件下大豆分离蛋白溶液的粘度为46.8 mPa·s,乳化稳定性为49.15 min,与市售植物油相当。

关键词: 大豆分离蛋白, 脂肪模拟物, 剪切, 流变性, 乳化稳定性

Abstract: In this paper,soy protein isolate (SPI) was utilized as the main raw material.While the SPI solution was heated and sheared with a high speed,the product with similar sensory characteristics to the fat was produced.Based on the results of single-factor experiments,a quadratic regression model was established with the help of two factors central composite experimental design and the response surface method.In this study,the heating temperature and protein concentration were used as the main analytical factors,and the viscosity and emulsion stability of SPI solution were evaluated.The optimal technological conditions of fat mimetic made from SPI were confirmed as follows:protein concentration 9.10%,heating temperature 79.6 ℃,heating time 10 min and homogeneity time 40 s.Under those conditions,the viscosity and emulsion stability of SPI solution were 46.8 mPa·s and 49.15 min,respectively,which was reasonably consistent with the vegetable oil derived from the markets.

Key words: soy protein isolate, fat mimetic, shear, rheological behavior, emulsion stability